ASHRAE Membership Grades:

Honorary Member

Any person of preeminent professional distinction as determined and elected by the ASHRAE Board of Directors

Presidential Member

Upon the installation of a successor, the outgoing President of the Society shall become a Presidential Member


A Member who has attained distinction in the arts relating to the sciences of heating, refrigeration, air conditioning or ventilation, or the allied arts and sciences, or in the teaching of major courses in said arts and sciences, or who by reason of invention, research, teaching, design, original work or as an engineering executive on projects of unusual or important scope, has made substantial contribution to said arts and sciences, and has been in good standing as a Member for at least ten (10) years. Election by the ASHRAE Society Board of Directors.

Life / Life Associate Member or Life Affiliate

Each shall be a member who has been a full Member, an Associate Member or an Affiliate in good standing for an accumulative total of thirty (30) years and who has attained the age of sixty-five (65) years. The member shall retain all the rights and privileges of the most recent membership grade.


A Member shall have the equivalent of twelve Society-approved years of experience composed of a combination of (a) completed education beyond high school, (b) work experience and (c) professional engineering or related professional registration or license issued by a legally authorized body. All technical and scientific education shall be based on curricula approved by the Board of Directors.

Associate Member

An Associate member shall have a total of eight Society-approved years of experience as defined in Section 2.6 of the ASHRAE Society Bylaws.

Student Member

A student member shall be matriculated in an approved course of study in Society-related fields of education at a university, college, junior college or technical institute. The Board of Directors may establish other criteria for acceptable student membership.